sunday snippets /// 2020.21

May 24, 2020 /// issue no. 133

I have long wondered if I could survive being a car enthusiast outside of the United States. We have open roads, cheap petrol, cheap insurance, and even with California’s strict emissions laws, ways to keep tuning engines. So perhaps I need to move to Asia just for the challenge. Road & Track recently took a trip to South Korea to check out “the scene”. Makes you really appreciate ‘Murica.

Speaking of ‘Murica, Matt Farah of the Smoking Tire has built a massive underground storage facility in Los Angeles’ westside. He has been giving regular YouTube tours and this week showed off an almost move-in ready garage with quad stackers. The attention to driveway approach angles is how I wish every property owner would view the world.

Heavy rains have left a trail of Fieros left sprawled throughout downtown Sanford, Michigan. The Detroit Free Press reports that the Sanford dam failed and carried the Fieros Forever Museum collection out in to the streets. Is 2020 a disaster or what?

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