sunday snippets /// 2020.19

May 10, 2020 /// issue no. 128

Elon Musk is the CEO equivalent of President Donald Trump. No member of his PR staff or anyone in compliance could possibly stop him. Yesterday, Musk tweeted that he is moving headquarters and future manufacturing to Texas and Nevada “effective immediately”. This was in response to the fact that Tesla has been told by local government officials that it cannot reopen it’s Fremont, California manufacturing facility. The move is no big deal to Musk. As you’ll recall, last week he told Twitter he would be selling all of his earthly possessions.

Racers have used “speed holes” to “add lightness” to their cars for ages. These holes are usually strategically placed where they might be useful for cooling or on non-structural panels. The internet has been enraged as a builder has gone a bit too crazy with a hole saw. Karmann Konnection set out to make the lightest 911 ever. I think they have probably succeeded but I can’t tell you much about what was done due to my severe trypophobia.

Porsche has released the Track Precision App for all current 911 and 718 owners. It includes a GPS lap timer, data analysis from the car’s built in sensors, and seamless integration with CarPlay. Exporting data to your iPad for later review is another bonus. This kind of setup would cost thousands of dollars in the aftermarket, so it’s more reason that buying a Porsche is a fantastic value. At least that’s what I am telling my wife.

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