sunday snippets /// 2020.16

April 19, 2020 /// issue no. 110

I love my Mk6 GTI. The convenience of a hatchback, 4 doors so the kids can just hop in, 7-speed DSG, 35hp+/60ft-lb+ from just a tune, and loads of fun. What could be more fun? Try famed Corvette tuner Callaway’s hopped up Mk1 Rabbit GTI. About 150hp in a front-wheel drive car as old as I am? Yes, 80s turbo lag, PLEASE! The highest bid is already more than $5k over what I paid for the Mk6 so bring your deep pockets.
Najeeb Khan started Interlogic Outsourcing in 2002. The payroll processor withdrawals money from companies every pay period to distribute direct deposits and pay taxes. Boring, right? It would have been until it was found that Interlogic hadn’t been forwarding their client’s tax money to the IRS. In the mean time Khan had amassed a $31MM car collection which is being offered up at no reserve by RM Sotheby’s as “The Elkhart Collection”. Khan may not have had good business practices but he certainly has excellent taste in motor vehicles.
Always losing your 10mm? HKS has a solution. That or you will now forever lose your car keys. Hat tip to the reader with the really loud STi.
The ATS and CTS nameplates are gone, but the CT4 and CT5 will live on with V designations. Cadillac is definitely bringing CT4-V and CT5-Vs to market as V Blackwings. Blackwing is GM’s internal designation for their twin-turbo 4.2L V8. I’ll take one of each.

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