corvette time

April 03, 2020 /// issue no. 94

The C8 Corvette is here. Doug DeMuro has done a review on it so it is REALLY here. Spoiler alert: Doug loves it. I feel like I am in the minority when I say I don’t really understand the popularity of Doug’s reviews but he is thorough. No offense, Doug. You seem like a pleasant and normal human being. What he does bring is some really in depth reviews that are worth watching if you intend to buy a specific car.

So are we buying a C8 Corvette? Y’all, this is a brand new $60,000 car so we are certainly not. The C8 still looks weird and we need to give it a few years for our eyes to acclimate. The C8 Z06 isn’t out yet and we know it will be crazymaking. We are purists who think a Corvette should only be front-engined. It’s too early to tell when the depreciation will hit its absolute worst and we deem the C8 the best car in the world, but that time is not now.

I am impatiently awaiting the return of my C5 Z06 from the cage builder and that leaves us with a problem. One of my track acquaintances recently acquired a C7 Grand Sport for $15,000 off MSRP. In a world of 84 months at 0% APR, everyone and their mother should be considering a C7 Corvette. Especially the supercharged C7 Z06.

A C8 Z51 as tested is not a $60,000 car. It is much closer to $85,000. Sure it has all sorts of gizmos that the previous generation does not. But those gizmos come at a cost of simplicity and a manual transmission isn’t even an option. A Corvette isn’t a Corvette if you’re not disappointed in the interior. Even a non-Z06 C7 Corvette approaches super car performance levels.

A quick search in my local area yields a C7 Z06 automatic for nearly $10,000 off at $78,000. Another dealer has a C7 Stingray advertised at less than $60,000. With the way things are going right now I will bet you can get amazing financing and some additional cash off what they’re letting on. Dealers are definitely willing to deal. If you have the means, it’s time to nab yourself a Corvette.

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