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April 24, 2020 /// issue no. 115

You would be forgiven if you have mistaken this for a Porsche newsletter. No less than 3 people and YouTube notified me yesterday that Porsche has brought Apple CarPlay to “classic” Porsches. Porsche Classic pseudo-announced that they have two new headunits.

The first is a single-DIN unit with a CarPlay-enabled 3.5” touchscreen. If you’re having trouble visualizing the size think original iPhone. The single-DIN has been standard from the early 60s 911 across the lineup to the mid-90s 993 911.

For your not-as-classic classic Porsche, they have also released a double-DIN unit as shown in their release video. This bridges the gap between your 996 911 and other “big-screen” Porsche’s through to modern standard CarPlay installs. That other bucket includes the beloved 987.1 Cayman S so we should probably add $1,745 to the cost of our future track build.

There used to be a time when having a high-dollar Pioneer or Kenwood headunit made you the cool kid on the block. Today’s enthusiasts seem to prefer an OEM-look solution and any of the popular Crutchfield buys look gaudy in comparison. Most manufacturers have also moved away from the standard DIN setup as their audio systems become more and more integrated in to both the vehicle systems and overall design.

If you are looking at putting CarPlay or Android Auto in your non-classic it often pays to look outside the United States. I have successfully passed the stage of life where I feel the need to have 2 12” subwoofers in the trunk and last year I upgraded a 2011 BMW as well as a 2013 VW to have CarPlay support. While we often get screwed on car models and features, eBay and Amazon guarantee we have easy access to in-car entertainment from global factory models. $250, 2-day shipping, and 20 minutes of my day turned in to an Asian-market OEM RCD330 headunit being installed in the VW.

When it comes to the aftermarket, Belsee and AVIN have a ridiculous number of popular cars covered. You probably could use a quarantine project. Just do it.

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