ben chen has done it again

April 08, 2020 /// issue no. 99

Somebody had a serious case of cabin fever. Gold Rush Rally co-founder and billionaire car collector Ben Chen went for an abbreviated and inebriated drive yesterday morning.

On Tuesday, April 7, 2020 at approximately 0730 hours, officers responded to a motor vehicle collision in the vicinity of West 44 Street and 11 Avenue, within the confines of the Midtown North Precinct. Upon arrival officers observed a 33-year-old male operator and sole occupant of a 2014 Porsche Gemballa Mirage GT conscious and alert. Further investigation revealed that the operator of vehicle #1 struck the rear of a parked unoccupied vehicle #2 and fled southbound on 11 Avenue in his Porsche The motorist proceeded to strike vehicles #3,4 and 5 that were also parked and unoccupied in the vicinity of West 44 Street where his vehicle came to a rest. The suspect was taken into custody at the scene. The following individual was arrested and charged with the above incident: Chen, Benjamin 33-year-male [Address redacted] Charges: Operating a Motor Vehicle Impaired by Drugs and Reckless Driving

Fueled by drugs, Chen decided to play a game of pinball with other cars along 11th Avenue. As if owning a Carrera GT wasn’t enough, Chen’s pinball GT was breathed on by tuning house Gembella. Reports say Chen lives at West 42nd and 11th Ave and with the extent of his exotic car collection he isn’t exactly low key. Rumor has it that Chen’s wealth comes from his. Interestingly, the Chinese Consulate is around the corner so you have to think they aren’t terribly happy with one of their own causing havoc in the neighborhood.

Chen is no stranger to breaking the law or wrecking exotic cars. His Gold Rush Rally events are a 10-day party across America which Chen emphasizes is “not a race”… but bringing together a group of exotic car owners that pay $20,000 for the price of entry implies some speed limits may be broken. Chen has previously been vilified on the internet for wrecking a McLaren MP4-12C, crashing his one-of-five manual Murcielago SV, and over a forum battle with Christian von Koenigsegg on the quality of Chen’s Agera.

I really think we should all just stay home for a while. Especially you, Ben.

Coffee time,

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