sunday snippets /// 2020.12

March 22, 2020 /// issue no. 82

Now in to the second weekend of quarantine my internet consumption has started to drop a bit. People’s homes will never have been cleaner and maybe we’ll see some garages organized enough so that cars can actually go in.

Kaege Retro

I keep trying to resist buying an air-cooled Porsche, but being locked in my house has started to weaken my conviction. The Singer 911 has become mainstream at this point. Every car enthusiast knows it’s the ultimate “modern air-cooled” Porsche and they’ve made their way around the internet enough that even non-car nerds know of them. Enter Kaege Retro. Singer will build you a pimped out 964-generation 911. Kaege one ups them and uses the 993-generation as their backdate basis. Checkout Bill Lai’s purple Kaege Retro fly through its hometown of Hong Kong.

IMSA goes iRacing

This weekend would have been the IMSA series’ 12 hours of Sebring. Given the state of the world they took IMSA to iRacing. The iRacing sim already has IMSA cars as a featured series, but this was the first time the pros showed up in full force. Watch yesterday’s race in full on

Skyline Run

The 25-year import rule has meant some very cool non-U.S. market cars are making their way across the pond or the Pacific, whatever the case may be. Canada has had an easier time of getting these “rare to us” vehicles and Toronto-based Right Drive will help you track down what you want. That’s all fine and dandy… unless you live in California and have to meet the state’s tight emissions regulations. There is an exception to that rule.

Nissan’s R32 Skyline GT-R is the best Skyline GT-R. Sean at Top Rank Imports has been importing Skylines in to the U.S. for decades now and has the expertise to convert the BNR32 to California Air Resource Board standards. $40k-$50k all-in will get you your childhood Gran Turismo dreams in real life. This Dubai based R32 is giving me bad ideas.

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