sunday snippets /// 2020.11

March 15, 2020 /// issue no. 75

It’s a beautiful day to be quarantined and browse to the end of the internet. Hope you and yours are staying healthy.

A couple of weeks ago I highlighted the monster that is the Koenigsegg Gemera. Road & Track got up close and personal with the camshaft-less 600hp 2.0L twin-turbo 3-cylinder “Tiny Friendly Giant”. Back in my day we used to praise 100hp per liter. Now we’re at three. I don’t know that I will ever be able to afford a Gemera, but maybe Koenigsegg will just sell us peons the TFG.

An Alpine Excursion If you’ve an American that has ever played DiRT Rally you will have wondered why the majesty that is an Alpine A110 is something you have never seen on this side of the Atlantic. Renault has brought back the Alpine as the A110S and handed the keys to auto-journo Leon Poultney. Leon starts to sing the A110S’s praises and then all goes south. There has to be a list somewhere of every press fleet car that has been wadded up by a journalist that has run out of driving talent. If not, I’ll make it.

RUF SCR You have fine automotive tastes. You know that a 964 911 offers a more connected driving experience than the late model 992. You also happen to like the body lines more. Lucky you. You have the same tastes as Alois Ruf who is now ready to sell you a very modern 510hp drivetrain with a 964 body. There’s just something about a 4.0L flat-six.

Ramp Trucks I have spent a little too much time in the last few weeks looking for a truck with good towing capacity and an aluminum trailer that can be attached to it. I also from time to time dream of owning a ramp truck so that the trailer is a moot point. I am not a Mopar guy by any means, but I certainly wouldn’t kick this Barracuda to the curb, even if I were buying the combo deal just for a race car hauler.

Cabin Fever Many of us are opting to work from home or are being asked by our companies to do so. That makes it a really good time to make bad decisions. Or maybe it’s a “bad time” in the world and you should make a good decision like buying this 911 GT3 RS that the owner has neglected by only putting 161 miles on it. What’s the gray market price on a kidney these days?

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P.S. I will be organizing a carsthencoffee sunday drive in the next 30 days in the San Francisco Bay Area. I can promise social distancing within a responsible radius. Stay tuned for details or email me if you’re interested.

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