sunday snippets /// 2020.10

March 08, 2020 /// issue no. 68

We are practicing “social distancing” here at carsthencoffeeHQ as COVID-19 has spread across the San Francisco Bay Area. Luckily, getting out for a backroad drive is a solitary activity. So too is some good old fashioned web surfing.

Chinese new car sales drop 80%
You probably aren’t the least bit surprised, but new car sales in China dropped 80% in February. Perhaps the more interesting news is that sales actually started to pick up towards the end of the month. If you believe in never letting a crisis go to waste, it might be a great time for you to buy that car you’ve been wanting at a significant discount.

The Ultimate Dad Wagon
What do you get when you cross a base-model E46 Touring with a 2JZ-GTE out of the previous generation Supra? A dad wagon that can do 181mph. Speedhunters’ @eatwithnaveed explores @volkdent’s pre-A90 Supra BMW + Toyota mash up.

The 2021 GMC Lineup
GDBC’s Wade Thiel spent some time in Vail, Colorado with GMC’s latest. He spent good time with a heavily camouflaged new Yukon, a Sierra 2500 HD, and a Terrain AT4. The Terrain should not be confused with other “All Terrain” models for which I have a Sierra All Terrain BRZO search setup.

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