March 04, 2020 /// issue no. 64

the Geneva International Motor Show must go on. and Koenigsegg delivered. yesterday they unveiled their all-wheel drive 1700hp… FAMILY CAR? ok, perhaps that is a stretch. but the Koenigsegg Gemera has super car coupe good looks, butterfly doors, and what appear to be usable back seats. the b-pillar is “missing” on the Gemera so ingress and egress to the rear won’t require being a child or a circus performer.

i love the technology and passion for excellence that Christian von Koenigsegg and team bring to the table. 9-spoke carbon-fiber wheels. rear-view cameras instead of wing mirrors. a 2.0l 3-cylinder motor on a super car? no problem if there’s 3 electric motors.

as i’ve written in this space before, i am a huge fan of getting the kids to school fast. in addition to Koenigsegg, Porsche wanted to make sure the ultimate kid-hauler was still relevant. the 992 911 Turbo S will do 0-60 in 2.7s (or less, knowing Porsche) boasting 640hp and 590 lb-ft. that’s 60 more horses and 37 more lb-ft than the 991.2 they’ve also revised the all-wheel drive system to better distribute torque.

now time to plan a bank heist or two.

coffee time,

daily automotive addiction.