gazoo racing

March 25, 2020 /// issue no. 85

BMW ///M is very well known. Hyundai is trying to one up it with N. VW has their R-line. Mercedes has AMG. Nissan has NISMO. Honda has Mugen. Fiat has Abarth. Audi has (borrrrrriiiiiiing) Audi Sport.

Toyota has TRD and GR. The former you have probably seen over the last four decades of existence and the latter you might not realize you knew about. The GR in Supra GR stands for Gazoo Racing. So what’s with both? Toyota says there is room for TRD as a household name and for Gazoo Racing to represent the halo cars.

And halo cars they are. Papadakis Racing recently tore down a Supra GR down to bare metal and wow did Gazoo do impressive engineering work. Aluminum everywhere.

The GR Yaris that is making everyone say they would buy one even though they never will is also halo level. A WRC-inspired all-wheel drive hot hatch with 268hp? In a market that now lacks a STi hatchback, that seems like the best thing we could possibly ask for.

On top of that, a naughty press member just leaked that Gazoo is going to work its magic on the next 86/FR-S/BRZ/WTF. The most common complaint of the 86 twins is that they don’t come from the factory with enough power. Autocar reports that the 2021 GR86 will show up with 50 more horses. That bump is nearly 25%.

I have always been biased for BMW over Mercedes. Chevy over Ford. Honda over Toyota. The conviction of that last bias is slowly waining as Akio Toyoda seems to want to leave a performance legacy and Honda has neutered every car they make. Thank you, Akio. We need a Japanese tuner scene again.

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