March 03, 2020 /// issue no. 63

heel and toe. it’s the name of an automotive-inspired apparel company. it is also two parts of your right foot that when used together make you a driving deity.

Ayrton Senna was a Honda god.

Bill Auberlen is a BMW god.

Mark Webber is a Porsche god.

this last video, however, is an interesting exhibit. the new Cayman’s have an auto-blip as have many new Porsche’s since the 2013 model year. and yet Mark Webber seems to have been able to request that Porsche disable this possibly even in Sport Plus mode.

so what are normal humans like us supposed to do? practice? yeah, probably. but there’s an easier solution. for about $400 Tractive Technology will sell you a device to retrofit in your drive-by-wire (read: electronic throttle control) vehicle to AUTO-BLiP for you.

i should probably putting more seat time in the Corvette and getting my heel-toes Senna like. but not having to think about heel-toe going in to Turn 11 at Sonoma Raceway seems like a nice bit of… cheating.

coffee time,

daily automotive addiction.