amelia is coming

March 02, 2020 /// issue no. 62

the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance is this weekend. last year at Amelia Island, NASCAR Hall of Fame Crew Chief Ray Evernham hosted a session called the Unfair Advantage. he talks to a few racing greats about cheating in racing and the stories are great. a panel full of old white dudes might be pretty unpopular in this day and age, but i can tell you i’ll be sad when this sort of racing history is lost. this year Evernham will be hosting a seminar featuring racing legend Roger Penske. can’t wait to see the video of that one.

Amelia Island is also where Gooding & Company’s most important annual auction takes place. with the stock market where it is and COVID-19 affecting other asset values it will be fascinating to see how the collector’s car market might also be impacted. some cars to watch:

  • 2007 RUF RT12 - this 997 based supercar features all-wheel drive and a 650hp 3.8l motor. the rear scoops on this car are gorgeous.
  • 993 Carrera RS - excellence had a 993 showdown between the RS, Turbo, RSR, and GT2 in their latest issue. “whether you’re negotiating a twisty road, carving up a canyon, or exploring the limits of man and machine on track, the RS offers as much fun as most drivers can hope to have in a 993”. this low-mileage example is estimated at $350k - $400k. seems like a terrible car and they should just give it to me for a tenth of that.
  • Audi Sport Quattro - the Sport Quattro S1 dominated Group B rally in its day. a number of Sport Quattro street cars had to be produced and sold in order to have it homologated for competition. this one has had over $100k of restoration work put in to it by Canepa and being 1 of just a few hundred ever made is sure to fetch a pretty penny.

i’ll be keeping my eye on the 250 GT LWB California Spider, the Cayman-based RUF CTR3, and the 993 RUF Turbo R

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