February 21, 2020 /// issue no. 52

it’s not every day you see an old Lexus LS400 bubble to the top of r/cars. so this one turns out to be a JDM Toyota Celsior but tomatoe tomato.

why the love? the Lexus LS400 was the pinnacle of luxury motoring in the early 90s. the interior was roomy with soft, supple leather and only hints of Toyota-level appointments. the 1UZ-FE motor was (is!) as smooth as it was strong. and the damn things didn’t break. 100,000 miles was child’s play. 200,000 miles was being broken in.

my first exposure to the LS400 was in Japan’s Options Magazine. i’d venture to San Francisco’s Japantown to pick up Air Spencer air freshener refills and was enamored by the VIP-style coming out of Japan. this may or may not have led to me recommending the V8-powered Infiniti M45 to my dad. those OEM 20” wheels earned him a lot of street cred (or real gangsters that he was yakuza).

i later dated a girl in college that drove a 1st gen LS hand-me-down from her parents. i’d turn on the amber fog lights whether or not it was foggy (it mostly was, i swear) and would dream about doing break stands and drifting the thing.

so the article above proves to us we can now live our dreams without fear. for those of us lucky enough to live outside of California, we can exercise the 25-year import rule to bring them in straight from Japan. for the rest of us, there’s this low mile example in Florida for $4,500.

if you’ve never driven one, you should. if you’ve never taken care of one, now’s your chance. take your would be Tesla money and pour it in to the gas tank of a silky smooth V8. you’ll probably be able to daily it and sell it in 5 years for the same amount of money. and i’d love to see more of these around town. anyone want to take a trip to Florida with me?

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