less talk, more drive

February 08, 2020 /// issue no. 39

Acura has turned it’s “Beat That” commercial from the “Less talk. More Drive.” campaign in to a 8-bit video game. Beat That features a ‘91 NSX, a ‘98 Integra Type R, oddly… the 2020 RDX, their ARX-05 prototype racer, the 2020 NSX, and the Type S concept. the first level of the game has that Nintendo Rad Racer vibe and i’d be lying if i said i didn’t waste a bunch of time playing the game.

sister company Honda brought the 2020 Civic Type R, first shown at the Tokyo Auto Salon, to the Chicago Auto Show. listening to some of the styling complaints, Honda got rid of all of the fake front vents and put in a larger front grille. they apparently ran out of money to improve the rear as the fake mesh there remains unchanged. the 2020 model also has new brake discs as well as suspension tuning. having had my ego throughly bruised by a Type R at Laguna Seca, i know first hand that CTR continues to be one of the best performance cars you can buy for the money.

Spot #140 at 88 Townsend Street in San Francisco is for sale at $100,000. a friend of mine owns a condo in the building so i know parking can be hard and it’s a prime spot. but $29 HOAs and $100,000 for a parking spot seems pretty ludicrous. apparently another spot in the building previously sold for $90,000. last year a parking spot in Hong Kong sold for nearly a $1,000,000. as a Bay Area resident i hope that isn’t where we are heading.

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