canceling geneva

February 29, 2020 /// issue no. 60

happy leap day,

in light of public health concerns, the Geneva International Motor Show has been canceled as COVID-19 spreads across Europe. many manufacturers had already pre-announced vehicles being debuted in the flesh at Geneva. there will certainly be virtual presentations, but the press will be missing out on more than a few experiences. these include the:

  • Mk8 VW GTI/E/D - as mentioned this week
  • VW Touraeg R - 456hp hybrid! and stunning good looks. but of course it isn’t coming to the U.S. it’s bad enough that German cars punish us with wheel bolts. i’m starting to think they just hate us.
  • Polestar Precept - Volvo’s all-electric arm has a Tesla competitor up its sleeve. it looks futuristic yet realistic given the Porsche Taycan’s design. as a Volvo owner i am pretty excited about this.
  • Mercedes E-Class - normally I wouldn’t be paying attention, but apparently Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff were going to be in attendance.
  • Aston Martin DBX Q - if you didn’t know an Aston Martin SUV existed, well now you do. if you wanted to spend even more money on it, Aston Martin is offering the Q. i love the looks, but am not sure why you wouldn’t be buying a Macan Turbo. :shrug:

the spread of coronavirus looks pretty serious and i didn’t really think about it affecting my “automotive life”. be safe out there (i.e. wash your hands), friends.

and if you’re freaking out like my fellow San Francisco Bay Area Costco and Target shoppers seem to be, you’ll have plenty of content to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Netflix’s second season of their F1 documentary “Drive to Survive” dropped yesterday just in time for the weekend. not sure if i’ll be sleeping the next few nights.

DEFINITELY coffee time,

daily automotive addiction.