$140k Rabbit GTI

February 26, 2020 /// issue no. 57

sometimes i catch my typos re-reading issues. that isn’t an extra zero in the title. David Spratt estimates he has spent over $140,000 on his 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit GTI. granted, that’s almost 4 decades of ownership, maintenance, and restoration. but when you put it that way it’s a lot of money to put in to keeping a car running. the Mk1 is loved by owners and as a Mk6 GTI owner i can tell you i’m surprised by how much i want to drive it over my other cars. it’s fast enough… to keep you out of trouble. and that’s a great kind of fast.

my favorite part of the article is the intro:

The following report was prepared by Volkswagen of America, which added a footnote disclaimer that, “Modifying vehicles can adversely affect warranty coverage & compliance with required safety & other standards.”

come on VW. :eyeroll:

an automotive podcast claimed this week that “enthusiasts don’t buy new cars.” given that the last 4 enthusiast cars i bought were used i whole-heartedly agree. but as i’ve said here before, if i’m going to take the depreciation hit for the next enthusiast it would probably be for the new Audi RS6 Avant. Germany’s sport auto magazine lined up the RS6 Avant against the MB E63S and laid down very similar lap times. there’s so much variation in single laps that the comparison is nearly useless, but wow is it a thing of beauty seeing a german family hauler hit 160mph on a race track.

i’ve driven an E63S on Bay Area backroads in anger and i can tell you it will certainly scare the kids on the way to school. i wonder how terrified my 7 year old daughter will be in an RS6 Avant and the fact that daddy spent her college fund to make sure she has a ride to school. please ignore the fact that i walk her to school.

plotting to rob a bank while drinking coffee time,

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