korean is just german

January 23, 2020 /// issue no. 23

color me impressed. the progress of Korean made cars over the last decade has been absolutely phenomenal. take one look at the Genesis GV80 that was released last week and you’ll know that the Koreans mean business. but is it just “the Koreans”?

from 2008 to 2014, Albert Biermann headed up BMW’s M division. just to go one up on the Bavarians, Biermann led Hyundai’s analogous N division and was responsible for bringing us cars like the Kia Stinger, the i30 N, and the Veloster N, all cars which the motor magazines have raved about. if you told 8-year old me that Road & Track would name a Korean hot hatch their 2020 Performance Car of the Year he would call you a liar and laugh in your face.

oh and by the way… Jason Cammisa on the Veloster N:

just go buy it. best hot hatch, possibly ever.

today you can read any Kia, Hyundai, or Genesis magazine feature lavishly praising these cars and you’ll see Biermann quotes everywhere. he is now responsible for Hyundai R&D and has supervision over all new vehicle development. that fantastic Kia Telluride you’re seeing everywhere is also partially thanks to Biermann.

so if you continue to look at BMW and see a brand in decline and are wondering if your next car might be Korean… it might be. and Albert Biermann made that possible.

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